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Special Purpose
Piloted Taps

High Speed Steel
Ground Thread

Straight Flute
4 Flute

Machine Screw Sizes:
8 | 10

Catalog Number: 4115P

Besly Special Purpose Piloted Taps

These Besly Special Purpose Piloted Taps help locate the workpiece for tapping especially when holes enter at an angle. The pilot acts as a locator and guide, eliminates special fixtures and reduces tap breakage. Pilot diameters will fit holes drilled for 75% thread height.

Please call 800 435-2965 for current net pricing.

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All dimensions are in inches.
  Besly Special Purpose
Catl No. 4115P
Machine Screw Sizes
  Besly Surface Treatments Besly Drill Selector
Tap Size
No. of Flutes Chamfer Type P.D. Limits Surface Treat EDP No Pkg Qty Basic Pitch Dia. Overall Length
Thread Length
Shank Dia.
Square Length
Square Size
8-32 4 Plug H2   10558 12 .1437 2-1/8 3/4 .168 1/4 .131
10-24 4 Plug H2   10559 12 .1629 2-3/8 7/8 .194 1/4 .152
10-32 4 Plug H2   10566 12 .1697 2-3/8 7/8 .194 1/4 .152
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