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Besly Popular Special
Straight Flute
Taper Pipe Taps

High Speed Steel
Ground Thread

Interrupted Threads
Straight Flute
7 and 9 Flute

Fractional Sizes:
3 | 3-1/2 | 4

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Standard Sizes: Catl No. 3168

Catalog Number: 3168

Besly Standard Straight Flute Taper Pipe Taps

These NPT Taper Pipe Taps are made with interrupted threads for use in soft or stringy metals. The removal of every other tooth helps to break the chip and permits a larger supply of lubrication to reach the cutting teeth, thus helping to eliminate torn threads.

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All dimensions are in inches.
  Besly Popular Special
Straight Flute

Taper Pipe

Catl No. 3168
Fractional Sizes
  Besly Surface Treatments Besly Drill Selector
Tap Size Thrds Per Inch No. of Flutes Chamfer Type Surface Treat EDP No Pkg Qty* Gage Projection Overall Length
Thread Length
Shank Dia.
Square Length
Square Size
Min. Max.
3 8 7 Plug   19251   .831 1.019 6 2-5/8 2.6250 1-3/8 1.968
3-1/2 8 9 Plug   19253   .813 1.063 6-1/2 2-11/16 2.8215 1-1/2 2.108
4 8 9 Plug   19256   .825 1.075 6-3/4 2-3/4 3.0000 1-5/8 2.250
 * No standard package quantity. Price determined by quantity ordered. Go to the top of this page.